Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin: Roaring Rogue

Love her? Hate her? Thinks she's politically savvy? Or a complete airhead? One thing is certain about Sarah Palin. She is a mom who roars.

Sarah Palin is finally having a chance to explain herself. I most recently watched her on Oprah. Now, I happen to like what I know of Sarah Palin. I also happen to like what I know of Oprah. And I think that Oprah met her match in Sarah Palin.

I saw Oprah throw question after question about parenting and family issues and I saw Sarah Palin knock each fastball out of the park.

Didn't she think he daughter's pregnancy would be an issue? Yes, but she hoped America would see even more so that she understood the issues of the average family and dealt with them on a personal basis everyday.

Didn't she say in her book that she considered aborting her child when she found out he had an extra chromosome? No, she said she understood why other women might go there. She understood, she did not consider.

Didn't she think there was any truth to what Levi was accusing her of? Actually, she felt sorry for the way he was being handled at a young age and hoped he would find the right path back to being a good father and role model for his son.

Didn't she think as a mother, it was improbable that she could really step into the role of Vice President or President? No, not with the strong marriage and support system she has surrounded her family with.

Sarah Palin said that she had been taught that a woman can have it all, just not necessarily all at the same time. So she and her husband make decisions that are best for her family at the time given their current situation.

So what's the problem with Sarah Palin? Why do the media and politicians have such a problem with her? Maybe because she is good mother who isn't scared to speak her mind and live her convictions. And she does it from the heart. Whether you love her or hate her, you can't help but listen to her roar.

Tell us what you think of Sarah Palin's parenting!

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  1. I think Sarah Palin is AMAZING! I wish she would be the President someday...we need someone in there that can multi-task, has good values, and stands up for what is morally correct!