Monday, July 28, 2014


Did you guys look at my tiles?
Is "zo" a word? 
You looked at my tiles, didn't you?
I think "zo" is a word. 
"Zo" is not a word.
Are you looking up words on the Internet? You can't do that?
Ok. Then I'll just keep playing random letters and looking them up when you challenge them.
 Will someone please go?
That's cheating!
How is that cheating? You're cheating. You played "waify"!
Did you guys look at my tiles?
"Waify" is a word.
Oh, look at the cat. He's laying on the score notebook. He wants to play.
You guys want to hear your horoscopes?
Will someone please GO?
We'll do Pisces first.
Double word score! That's 15 points!
You mean 16 points?
We really need to play this game with smarter people. All our words are like 4 letters long.
Hey, I played "waify". That's more than 4 letters.
I hate playing bored games with you guys, because two of you cheat together and the other one takes forever to go.
I'm trying to be a D-list celebrity. Hold on!! (Playing the Kim Kardashian app.)
Wait? Where is the score notebook and the pen?
On this Kardashian game, should I mingle or socialize?
They're the same thing! 
Can we turn some light on? I can't find the score notebook.
I hate the lights on.
We can't see the  board!
I found the notebook. The cat hid it under the ottoman.
Next horoscope.
Under the ottoman! Ha! The cat hid it. Isn't that funny?
Who's turn is it?!?! that blank tile a "D"?
A "D"? That would make the word "zed". "Zed" is not a word.
Yes it is. Like Zed Neplin.
I know you guys looked at my tiles.

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